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  • "Mao Bamboo," the type that we harvest, is a legendary plant in South China. It is a major building resource in that region.

    The mature period of Mao bamboo is much shorter than that of common timber. Our bamboo flooring products are manufactured from high quality mature bamboo canes. These canes are selectively harvested from managed forests when they are over four years old

    Not only are we the leading manufacturer in China, but we also export to Japan and Europe. Our flooring is particularly popular in both of these exporting markets. We are currenty in the process of opening direct sales to the the U.S. market

    Qualities of Bamboo:

    Bamboo is stronger and denser than hardwoods and is much better able to withstand moisture due to its tropical characteristics

    Bamboo canes naturally have a high density and a straight grain. The average density of bamboo products is 64kg/m3 or more. As a result, our flooring has excellent advantages such as stability, strength, elegance, and a soft color. We assure that our bamboo products are the best choice for decorating residential and public areas. Other favored sites include commercial areas, offices, and in-house sporting grounds.

    Delivery of product orders will take approximately 1 1/2 - 2 months. This includes one month to manufacture the order and about 2-3 weeks to allow for order processing and transportation to the United States.

    Environmental Aspect:

    Bamboo stalks can grow to be very large, reaching as high as - feet, and a several inches thick. The canes regrow quickly as well. Due to the inter-connected root system, bamboo groves fully regenerate at a faster rate than other types of timber. Such a process promotes the extension of bamboo roots and the growth of new canes. This character differentiates Mao bamboo from other timber types in development and utilization projects in that it benefits the ecological balance and preserves forest reserves. Replanting trees is not needed and the forest continues to flourish.

    Product Types:

    There are three distinct types of China LinAn Bamboo Flooring. The first two types are tongue and groove while the last type needs to be butted together. Glue is needed to attach the flooring to the floor surface.

    Finished Lacquered Flooring

    Finished flooring comes in both the natural color of fresh Mao bamboo and carbonized. After high temperature processing, the latter becomes a darker coffee color, but still soft. This type is laquered and fully finished for the customer. Both are exceptional and unique in style and sentiment.

    Unfinished Unlacquered Flooring

    The lacquered flooring is factory finished using wear-resistant UV lacquer, and is very easy and convenient to install. However, the unlacquered flooring needs to be coated or waxed and polished after installation. This gives the customer or contracter leeway to finish the flooring as they please. This type also comes in both natural and carbonized colors.

    Tapic Flooring

    The above two types are thicker flooring with three layers of pressurized bamboo strips totalling 1.5 cm. Tapic flooring is thinner, one-layered type, which is an elegant choice at a lower price. The thin quality allows customers to customize various floor designs, while giving the same quality as the first two. Again, this type also comes in both natural and carbonized colors.

    You can choose 1.plain press; 2.Special "T" board; 3.Vertical press with 3 ply (1.5cm thickness) or 2 ply(1.2cm thickness).

    You can choose semi-gloss UV lacquer or  gloss satin lacquer.

    You can choose side finished( oblique angle edge,line between two boards) or side unfinished(square edge, no line between two board).

    You can choose length at 1840mm or 940mm.

    You can choose natural color or carbonated color.

    Please go to see clear photo of these all kind bamboo flooring.

    This new innovation in the wood flooring market, bamboo has some remarkable qualities. As hard as Hard maple, 50% more stable and harder than Red Oak. Made from grass, not wood, this new product because is a grass (with more than 1,000 species-worldwide), it rejuvenates itself to maturity within 4 to 5 years, thus being an environmentally friendly product by helping preserve our forest. Naturally golden blond in color, with some varieties being stained, all having a unique distinctive pattern when made into flooring.

    During the manufacturing process the product is treated to prevent insect and mildew damage and to conform to both residential and commercial fire prevention standards. Most manufacturers produce this product prefinished, ready for installation whether nail down or glued directly to a concrete surface, as it is a laminated (engineered) product. Maintenance for this product is the same as most prefinished products, lite damp mop on occasion, with frequent sweeping and/or vacuuming. This new flooring can start around $4.00 per square foot(retail), plus the usual prep and installation charges.

    When we first learned about tongue-and-groove strip flooring made from bamboo several years ago, we found only a couple of suppliers in North America. A lot of people must think this is a product with a future, however, as now there are at least eight companies importing it.

    Botanically, bamboo is not a wood at all, but rather a grass. Bamboo is attractive as a building material because it is very hard, strong, and dimensionally stable. Environmentally, it's hard to argue with a wood-substitute that matures in three years, regenerates without need for replanting, and requires minimal fertilization or pesticides. In fact, these larger species of bamboo have been used in construction for thousands of years, and even in modern Asian cities it's not uncommon to see a large concrete building being constructed from a bamboo scaffolding.

    To make bamboo flooring, the hollow round shoots are sliced into strips, which are boiled to remove the starch. The strips are dried and laminated into solid boards, which are then milled into standard strip flooring profiles. Our manufacturer offer both a light, natural color flooring and a darker, amber variety. This amber color is achieved by pressure steaming the bamboo, which darkens it by carbonization.


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