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We are a professional experienced Chinese private entrepreneur, trader, agent with 12 years long actual business experience in the field of industrial manufacturing, import and export international trade and agency and various international business cooperation between China and overseas, We are closely associated with many of our export oriented manufacturers & suppliers, well connected with various industries and business sectors and the relevant government business authority in China as well. As an experienced businessman, We have in-dept understanding on China business, as well as the typical and unique way of doing business in China. On the other hand, We are also quite familiar with the way of doing business in the western countries, and We are awarded of the difference between east and west. We can help you to bridge up the difference and distance between your end and China and pave the way for you to do business with China.
We are good at business public relation and personal presentation, specialize in handling the effective business communication and demonstration, able to proceed business in a productive and professional way, We are even able to use computer and internet to better serve the business purpose, We are familiar with Window XP, Office2000, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint, FrontPage, Publisher, PhotoShop7.0, FTP, etc..., as well as various computer programs and business application programs, We also know quite well on HTML4.0 & webpage design, etc., We are Our website designer and webmaster. We are able to communicate via email, ICQ and NetMeeting and WebEx, etc. We can stay in touch with customer in an interactive and cost effective way via computer and internet. If you seek someone with sound actual business experiences, strong business sense and good computer skills to aid your business in China, We are your ideal candid, We can work under an effective automatic computerized system to conduct business online, We are your best e-business partner in China. Besides, We are also an active outgoing businessman, an experienced business traveler and a good licensed driver.

We can handle business in a well organized way, capable of handling business and tackling problems in a professional and effective way at the customer's best interest, able to work hard and smart, if you have regular long term purchase business from China, We can serve as your purchase agent in China, please click here for our agency service profile, as We have been working on multiple export products ranged from clothing products and building material products to electric products, you can just click the relevant products links to check up more of our diversified wide ranged export products information.

Besides, as We are right staying in the city which could be the best ideal business portal, gateway to China for the foreign business, an opening, fast growing, booming and also the most beautiful coastal port city in the south China - LinAn, HangZhou, ZheJiang Province.

Any bona fides, serious, interested parties who has the truth sincerity and real business intention and plan to do a serious business in China with us on a long term basis, please feel free to send us an email.







ACCOUNT: 366258328452

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