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Purchase Agency Service

We can source and locate the right quality export product as per your specification and requirement, We can also arrange with the manufacturer to tailor-make to meet your special purchase request according to your specification and requirement or supplied prototype and custom made sample. We can provide the competitive offer for your confirmation and approval, We will also check into the quality of product and the production capacity to ensure the quality standard of product is acceptable and up to your requirement and the manufacturing capacity will match up your purchase quantity and schedule, as soon as you confirm and place your purchase order, We will arrange the production with the manufacturer according to your purchase order, then, We will follow up and track down the production schedule as well as to arrange the timely shipment and documentation to keep up and meet your delivery schedule and purchase program. We will also take care of any problem that may arise during the process of execution on your purchase business project in China at your best interest and disposal right in spot on behalf of you. We will also maintain a constant communication with you by sending the regular progress status report to keep you well informed of your purchasing business project with China. We are also able to hold an instant online interactive communication and collaboration with the customer via email, ICQ & MSN, or any business application software and program you like.

In general, We can offer you the total solutions for your purchasing business with Our agency service, as for the fee of Our purchase agency service, it is only at 3% to 5% of your total purchase invoice value, which We believe it should be reasonable enough for you to accept it, for the relatively small purchase below US$10,000.00(Ten Thousands U.S. Dollars) Our service fee will be at US$500 per transaction, actually, We are used to work for the volume purchase business with multiple containers loads, but, We never mind to work for the small purchase business. In fact, as a managing director, We had already handled with a lot of big businesses when We worked and served in our big state run foreign trade group corporation quite some years ago, since I started Our own private business career, We also have handled quite some small and medium business, frankly, there is no business which is really too big or too small to me, as long as it is a real serious business, We will work on it with Our best effort, We specially enjoy working with the bona fides, sincere, real serious business associates and principals, and We would like to have a long term business for the mutual interest and benefit with the real serious overseas customers.

Your kind inquiry are most welcome and I am looking forward to offer you Our professional & effective purchase agency service to meet your purchase business need and market demand from China. Please feel free to send us an email at: You also can contact us online via Our MSN Messenger


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