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bamboo-1.jpg (31515 字节)
bamboo-9.jpg (27166 字节)
bamboo-7.jpg (27301 字节)
Plain press, 3 ply1.5 thickness ( top two) and 2 ply 1.2 thickness (down two),
(natural and carbonated )
The back of plain press board
( natural and carbonated)
Vertical press (natral and carbonated)

bamboo-8.jpg (20907 字节)

bamboo-3.jpg (18865 字节)

bamboo-11.jpg (19154 字节)

"T" special board
(natural and carbonated)
Vertical press, side finished
Vertical press, side unfinished (carbonated)

bamboo-6.jpg (21310 字节)

bamboo-4.jpg (18242 字节)

bamboo-5.jpg (19725 字节)

Plain press、two ply、side unfinished (natural)
Plain press、side finished
( carbonated)
Plain press, three ply,
side finished

bamboo-2.jpg (18799 字节)

bamboo-10.jpg (25197 字节)

bamboo08.jpg (4844 字节) bamboo07.jpg (3884 字节)

Vertical press, three ply,
side finished
Gloss lacquer (lfet)  Semi-gloss
(right) side finished
bamboo sports appliance and big size bamboo fitment faceplate
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