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Bamboo product -- The most interesting products in China. As one of the biggest Chinese bamboo product company, We offer all kinds of  bamboo products, include bamboo mats, bamboo cushion, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo caps, bamboo shoes, bamboo clothing, bamboo handbags, bamboo poles, bamboo furniture, bamboo flooring, eatable bamboo shoots as natural food etc., We also can design top-quality bamboo product comply with your plan.

Zhejiang province, LinAn city got plenty of natural bamboo,  and their are more than 50 farms supply us bamboo material for our production, all these natural bamboo are around our city, LinAn city also called "China Bamboo Town" by president of China--Mr.Jiang Zhe Min because of this. Foreign customers visit us often, We are happy to welcome every new friends visit our city.


Bamboo ArchitectureBamboo Architecture
chinese bambooBamboo Houses
eatable bamboo shootsBamboo Doors and Windows
bamboo flooringBamboo Fences
bamboo productBamboo containers
chinese bamboo productBamboo Baskets
bamboo productCarrying Baskets
bamboo polesGrass Baskets
bamboo furnitureFruit Baskets
bamboo polesShallow Carrying Baskets
bamboo furnitureShopping Baskets
bamboo productsSmall Baskets for Other Functions
bamboo polesBamboo-Shoot Package
bamboo craftWinnowing Trays and Fans
bamboo craftWinnowing Trays
bamboo artworkWinnowing Fans
bamboo matsFish Baskets
bamboo chopsticksRain Shields and Headgear
bamboo stickOther Handicrafts
bamboo basketsMiscellaneous Products
Bamboo FlutesMusical Instruments---Bamboo Flutes
Bamboo SpoonsBamboo Spoons and Ladle
    BroomsBamboo Brooms
bamboo productsBamboo Comb
Smoking PipesSmoking Pipes
Bamboo MatsBamboo Mats
Bamboo ProductsOther Bamboo Products
bamboo handicraftBamboo Handicraft (clothing, handbag ,etc.)
bamboo flooringBamboo Flooring
bamboo flooring information TECHNOLOGY  PROCESS
bamboo handicraftBamboo Charcoal
bamboo handicraftBamboo Veneer Board


  Bamboo Pillow
  Bamboo Cushion
  Bamboo Window Blind
  Bamboo Chair1
  Bamboo Chair2
  Bamboo Steamer
  Bamboo Salver
  Bamboo Toothpick
  Bamboo Chopsticks
  Bamboo Board
  Bamboo fan



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