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Artist Piecing Pattern Tiles

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This Tile is produce from the SP-DP polished tiles throughteh design by professional personnel and aided by computer. The manufacturing technology is accurate and bear a strong artistic nature. The tile is colorful and the pattern is beautiful. When it is used with the polished tile to pave, it shows all the more an impressive and elegant appearance. It is suitable for the construction of a modern hall, exhibition hall and residential house. A special design can be made to meet the requirement of the customer.

pinhua-04.jpg (39533 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)

pinhua-05.jpg (42043 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)

pinhua-06.jpg (13175 ×Ö1⁄2Ú) pinhua-07.jpg (11499 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
pinhua-08.jpg (10215 ×Ö1⁄2Ú) pinhua-09.jpg (10536 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)

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