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Bleeding pattern tiles

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Ч1ûÍ1⁄4.jpg (41623 ×Ö1⁄2Ú) Characteristics:
The primary is relatively white. Employing single-baking technology, the tiles have been treated by marbleization, showing a natural and beautiful appearance, with high glossiness: >=55; low water absorption: <=0.3%; hith bending strength: >=35MPa; the sizes are up to standards, with good evenness. After antifouling treatment, aggression from various pollution sources during paving will be decreased greatly. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

z-sen-01.jpg (7958 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)

z-sen-02.jpg (7638 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)

z-sen-06.jpg (17267 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)

z-sen-07.jpg (17938 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)

z-sen-04.jpg (7444 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)

z-sen-05.jpg (7969 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)


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