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hgy02.gif (2220 building materials)

More than a simple building material, stone is a material that allow you to create a permanent outdoor decoration.

Never consumed, and never old-fashioned our decorative stone will give you the opportunity to create an Asian garden, as peacefully as you can imagine it.


b02.gif (907  )Washing table
b02.gif (907  ) Stair Panel
b02.gif (907  ) Pagoda
b02.gif (907  ) Arc slab
b02.gif (907  ) Door pillar
b02.gif (907  ) Bridge
b02.gif (907  ) Carving
b02.gif (907  ) Tombstone
b02.gif (907  ) Lantern
b02.gif (907  ) Bench
b02.gif (907  ) Pots for flower
hgy052.jpg (8846 building materials)

Stone Lanterns

hgy049.jpg (12398 building materials)

Stone Bridge

hgy053.jpg (25921 building materials)

Car Stop

hgy050.jpg (12171 building materials)

Outer railings stone materials

hgy057.jpg (6622 building materials)

hgy058.jpg (4656 building materials)

Water Bowl

hgy056.jpg (10143 building materials)


hgy051.jpg (10660 building materials)

Pots for flower

hgy059.jpg (9024 building materials)

Pots & Chinese Tea cups


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