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With our twelve different types of marble, you can recreate the most famous atmosphere. MCM can help you in your choice, as flooring, or for some typical applications, marble is one of the most elegant stone that you can used as flooring.

In the whole history, marble as ever been used by the most famous. Making the choice of marble, will bring, in your building project, a magnitude dimension that no one could ignore.

dls001.jpg (5665 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls002.jpg (9222 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls003.jpg (6122 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls004.jpg (8870 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
Jiu Mi huang
Jing hua mi huang
Xi ban ya mi huang
xin mi huang
dls005.jpg (12455 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls006.jpg (8814 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls007.jpg (12522 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls008.jpg (7041 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
Da Hua Lu
Wan Shou Hong
No wei hong
Xue Hua bai
dls009.jpg (7949 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls010.jpg (6076 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls011.jpg (9490 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
dls012.jpg (7256 ×Ö1⁄2Ú)
Xi Hua bai
Jue Shi bai
da hua Bai
Mu wen


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