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Product details
Product Description
Item No: CX- 1 CX- 2 CX- 3 CX- 4 CX-5
Capacity 20VA 60VA 150VA 300VA 500VA

Rate Output Power

16W 48W 120W 240W 400W
Output voltage 12V 12V AC110V/220V 220V 220V
Maximum output power
of solar module
10W 20W 50W 240W 200W
Maximum output volatge
of solar module
17.5V 17.5V 17.5V 35V 35V
Maximum output current
of solar module
0.6A 1.1A 2.9A 2.9A 5.7A
Battery capacity 12V7AH 12V33AH 12V75AH 24V65AH 24V100AH
Controller 12V5A 12V5A 150VA 300VA 500VA
Battery 12V17AH 12V33AH 12V75AH 12V65AH 12V100AH
Solar panel 10WP 20WP 50WP 100WP 100WP
Cable 8M 8M 8M 8M 8M
Pakage Measure of
48*32.5*46cm 36*23.5*21.5cm 48*32.5*46cm 53*24*51cm 420*500*720cm
G.W.of power box 12KG 13KG 12.2KG 60KG 93.5KG
Package Measure of
solar module
50*33*19cm 63*29*33cm 94*29.5*55.5cm 152*70*37cm 1168*680*4cm
G.W.of solar module 9KG 11.5KG 31.5KG 37KG 55KG
20' 220PCS 295PCS 86PCS 36PCS 80PCS
40' 410PCS 598PCS 175PCS 72PCS 190PCS


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