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1. Energy-saving light bulbs
Energy saving light bulbs also called Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) are a modern type of light bulb that will fit into a standard light fitting, usually a bayonet fitting and Edison screw fittings.
Energy saving light bulb are often called low energy lamps because they use less energy than the traditional tungsten filament bulbs that they replace. As they plug in directly to the normal light fittings.
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Enerqy-saving light bulbs
2. Solar lamp

Solar camping lights are becoming a must have in any modern camping gear.These solar lights will make your camping experience much more easy, safe and enjoyable.They have a long run time and will illuminate your tent, camp or caravan surroundings all night long. Their small sizes and ease of use make them perfect, not only for camping purposesSolar powered camping lights are widely used as emergency lights.

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solar lamp,solar street lamps
3. LED Lights
LED industrial lighting offers the fastest payback of any efficiency product. ZGSM offers a complete line of low maintenance Industrial LED Lighting solutions for a wide-range of industries,including city streets,manufacturing plants, security, storage,garage and tunnels.LED commercial lights are beginning to be used in many sectors. Because of its visual impact, high-efficiency and long-lasting attributes
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led industrial lighting
4. Induction Lamp

Extended lamp life, because the electrodes are usually the limiting factor in lamp life.
The ability to use high efficiency light-generating substances that would react with metal electrodes in normal lamps. Improved collection efficiency because the source can be made very small without shortening life - a problem in electroded lamps Two systems are described below—one, plasma lamps, based on on the use of radio waves energizing a bulb filled with sulfur or metal halides the other, fluorescent induction lamps, based conventional fluorescent lamp phosphors.

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induciton lamp
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