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The solid, (LED), lights compared to one century is in the more first sincerely new lighting attachment technology. The light emitter diode (LED) optical fiber system, reduces the electricity consumption to press 85%, the proof very effective in the bright, the visibility and the longevity is the important application. The LED lighting attachment is the intelligent choice application, including: The trade symbolized: The trade symbolized that operates the daily 12 to 24 hours frequently in the US, the consumption about 2% total electricity. The fluorescence symbolized that current occupies about 48% this markets, when the neon light advertisement hold about 41% and the incandescent product control's market is left over human. Association, industry and commercial lighting equipment: The LED product possibly has to the energy use significant shade to at the airport, the hospital, the school and the roadway lighting attachment, the conventional fluorescence and incandescent the sign massive uses which lights. Office building, warehouse, factory: Possibly causes the fierce savings with the province energy's LED lighting attachment's modification's entire office building in the energy expense and enables the commercial space to have the sale to the boarder
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Linear Lighting: Albeo's C-Series LED Linear suspended Fixture provides an energy efficient, maintenance-free alternative to traditional fluorescent light fixtures. Learn more about Linear Lighting.

Low Bay Lighting: Albeo's C-Series Low Bay LED Luminaire provides a maintenance free, energy-efficient alternative to traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium light fixtures. Learn more about Low Bay Lighting.

Fluorescent Replacement/Retrofit: Albeo's T8LED Troffer LED Retrofit Kit converts fluorescent light fixtures into maintenance-free, high efficiency LED fixtures with ease. Learn more about Fluorescent Replacement and Fluorescent Retrofit Kits.

Cove Lighting: The superior choice for LED Cove Lighting, Albeo's Atmosphere delivers unparalleled performance, reliability, efficiency and light quality. Learn more about Cove Lighting.


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