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1. Faucets

MCM BATH MIXERS are designed on different style. From a classical bath mixer, to an elegant one, the MCM BATH MIXERS will be suitable in your bathroom.

[ Last Updated: 2010-04-13 ]
2. Steam Bath
MCM will supply for your personal home as for your hotel, a complete range, from the shower bath, the shower room to the steam bathroom. To be distressed and to bring you as many pleasure as we can, this building equipment can provide you hydro-massage, and/or artificial waves. More than a simple shower we supply for all this products computerized and un-computerized shower panel. After a stressful day of work,
[ Last Updated: 2010-04-13 ]
3. Fans

MCM ceiling fans carries out the responsibility system of general management which is led by the directorate and divided into general manager office, administrative department, two producing factories, financial department, material department, marketing department and ensuring safety department which can carry on the operation of daily affairs separately.

[ Last Updated: 2010-04-13 ]
Energy saving light bulbs also called Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) are a modern type of light bulb that will fit into a standard light fitting, usually a bayonet fitting and Edison screw fittings.
Energy saving light bulb are often called low energy lamps because they use less energy than the traditional tungsten filament bulbs that they replace. As they plug in directly to the normal light fittings.
[ Last Updated: 2010-04-13 ]
5. Hotel Towel
our company are specializing in all kind of towels being export to abroad. Our productsare best price without middle link. Our products are widely accepted in USA, West Germany, Switzerland and other countries. There exists the following products:
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6. Sanitary ware
Vitreous China Sanitary Ware
Environment Protection Model
S-trap, 305mm and 400mm Roughing-in
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