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one dozen include 12 pieces of hand tools. little carton packing dozen. Ten little carton use one big carton.Every 40 feet container
can include about 100000 piece of hand tools. Weight about 10 ton. every month we can offer more than two 40 feetcontainer's product, it'sabout 200000 pieces of hand tools.We manufacture hand tools since 1990, in the first, we invest about US$800000, the area of our factory is 6800 sq.m., building area is 3500 sq.m. Now we have three work line, got 130 work man. annual production value US$1.5 million. We export our product to some Country, like USA, Japan etc. through the trade company. And now we want direct make business like yours for low cost.

cp8.jpg (5598 ??)

chrome plated double open end wrench

chrome plated pipe wrench




chrome plated double open end wrench

16×18,17×19 ,18×21,19×22,21×24,
cp6.jpg (6370 ??)
cp5.jpg (6182 ??)

combination wrench




zine plated and chrome plated double open end wrench


Double Open End Wrench

Double Open End Wrench


Socket wrench,Hexagonal closed wrench

Hexagonal closed wrench

Claw wrench , Socket wrench

Adjustable wrench

Adjustable wrench


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