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Product Details
 Solar Heat Pump Water Heater / Solar & Air-Source Water Heater
Product Introduction: 

1) Hybrid advantages of solar water heater and air source water heater. In sunny days, the water is heated by solar energy, while in cloudy or rainy days, the water is heated by air energy
2) Safe, high efficiency, energy-saving and environment protection
3) Intelligent control and automatic operation
4) Convenient installation: available on both horizontal and slanting house roofs
5) ISO9001 / CCC / CE certificate

About air source heat pump:
1) 1KW electricity can generate 4KW heat energy from the air, only 1/4 electricity consumption of electrical water heater
2) Utilizing high efficiency, environment protecting working substance
3) World top brand compressor for heat pump—Wanbao compressor (OEM for Panasonic)
4) Operating temperature: -8oC to 45oC
5) Smart micro computerized defrosting system, totally solving making heat problems in winter

About solar water heater:
1) Vacuum tube size: Φ58x1,800mm
2) Bracket: galvanized steel plate
3) With copper coil inside of tank
4) Inner tank: made of SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel
5) Outer tank: color armor plate
6) Tank diameter: 470mm / 500mm
7) Tank capacity: 100L-300L

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