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1. Motorcycle MP3
1) High digitalmusic processing , it will give you a wonderfull & sweet tone
2) Download the music to the SD card , you can truly enjoy the free music
3) Using modular structure for the memorizer , it will separately call the SD card to play.
4) Using completely solid-state circuit, so you dont need to worry about the road bumps
5) It has the Motorcycle Alarm function
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motorcycle mp3
2. Car MP3
Car hold MP3 disc can be directly read U, SD card, MMC card in the MP3 files, through the FM radio to sent the MP3 music signal to the car radio,then played by the Car hold audio.With audio input function, the voice signal of other other equipment or car wireless signal can be launch to the car radio's .
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car mp3
3. Background music system
The term "Background Music" can be quite misleading as the sound is quite often more powerful than the public imagine. In many cases the level of sound required to overcome ambient noise levels, particularly in industrial applications, can be quite high. The ability to provide high level, high quality sound over long periods is the essential criteria for a good background music system and these requirements usually rule out the use of domestic Hi-Fi units.
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background music system
4. Car CD Player
Direct Connection with CD quality sound Without the loss of sound quality that occurs with FM transmitter solutions Control Digital Music Changer from your car radio buttons Works also with steering wheel controls Support USB Disk and SD Card Building in high quality MP3/WMA decoder Building in Amplifier chips Widely extend external audio sources, like PC, MD, PSP, GPS Navigation and Mobile Phone Easy to install and use Compatible with OEM Radio: Peugeot Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Mazda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Audi, Skoda.
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car cd player
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