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We are a professional Chinese cable manufacturer in this business, our products include coaxial cable, cable, audio, video cables, control cables. For coaxial cable, RG series based CommScope standards. Enthusiasm for the choice of selling our products both at home and abroad and international markets of high-quality, competitive price and best service. Cable lines have a common fault of the mechanical damage, insulation damage, damp insulation, insulation deterioration of aging, over-voltage, cable fault such as overheating. When failure occurs, the line should be cut off the power cable fault to find the point of failure, the failure to carry out inspection and analysis, and then proceed to repair and test, the removal of the cut until after the failure to eliminate in order to restore power supply.
coaxial cable structure
coaxial cable structure
coaxial cable structure
coaxial cable structure

China LinAn Bolang P&T CABLE CO.,LTD is the manufacturer and exporter of is the manufacturer and exporter of electric wire & cable in china. We have experience in manufacturing this line of products for over twenty years. Because of our excellent quality and competitive price, major products:

1. Series of radio frequency cable ( coaxial Cable ).
2. Optic-fiber wire & cable.
3. Electric Wire & cable.
4. Communication Cable.
5. ODM or OEM wire & Cable.

SYKV-75 series coaxial cable , SYWV(Y)-75 series physical high-foam coaxial cable and other CATV products are tested to reach all the capacities specified in the National Standard. The qualified rate is 100%. Our annual product capability is 100000KM. Strict quality management system, excellent quality enables our product sells well both in China and international market. To satisfy the increasing demand from the market, Sincerely welcome our clients to have a business talk with us.


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