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Our company is specialized in ATV winch & electric winch. We have strong technical force, advanced production & testing equipment, enough production capacity and complete quality guarantee system. Our main products are ATV winch & electric winch.
 ITEM PRT-2000 PRT- 2500 PRT-3000
 Product Photo
 Contactor New 4 Post Contactor New 4 Post Contactor  New 4 Post Contactor
 Waterproof Motor   Permanent Magnet        
12 V DC, 85hp(.64KW)
 Permanent Magnet         
12 V DC , .95hp(.7KW)
 Permanent Magnet        
12 V DC , 1.1 hp(.82KW)
 Rated Line Pull 2000LB (907KGS) 2500LB(1134KGS) 3000LB(1360KGS)
 Steel Cable Length 12.25M(L) of Ø 5.1mm 12.25M(L) of Ø 5.5mm 12.25M(L) of Ø 5.8mm
 Fairlead  Roller  Roller  Roller
 Motor / Battery Leads 2.2M / 0.8M(5 mm²) 2.2M / 0.8M(6 mm²) 2.2M / 0.8M(8 mm²)
 Remote Cable Length 3.05M(0.45 mm²) 3.05M(0.45 mm²) 3.05M(0.45 mm²)
 Weight Net /Gross 19KGS/20KGS 20KGS/21KGS 21KGS/22KGS
 Finish(Clutch) BLACK or Grey(Yellow)  BLACK or Grey(Grey) BLACK or Grey(Black)
 Gear Ratio: 136 to 1  136 to 1 136 to 1
 Gear/Trans: 3- Stage Planetary  3- Stage Planetary  3- Stage Planetary
 Clutch: Twist Free Spool Twist Free Spool  Twist Free Spool
 Winch Dimensions:  13.5"(L)x4.5"(W)x4.75"(H)  13.5" (L)x4.5" (W)x4.75" (H) 13.5" (L)x4.5" (W)x4.75"(H)
 Mounting Pattern: 4.87”x3” (124mmx76.2mm) 4.87”x3” (124mmx76.2mm)  4.87”x3” (124mmx76.2mm)
Control:  Mini Thumb Rocker Switch
and Corded Remote Switch
 Mini Thumb Rocker Switch
and Corded Remote Switch
 Mini Thumb Rocker Switch
and Corded Remote Switch
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