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Aluminum Fairleads hawse is designed only for synthetic winchlines. These fairleads are necessary to replace the steel hawse fairleads and options to replace the factory steel roller fairlead. They are CNC precision machining to provide a smooth surface for guiding synthesis winchline. 100, 250 and 350 series of fairleads are standard 10 "bolt pattern fitting the winch and bumper
4-way roller fairlead for ATV WINCH 3.00USD/SETS

They are made from Delrin offering high strength, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance, and have a smooth surface to protect your synthetic winch line. The Viking rollers are 68% lighter than stock. .97 Kg (34.4 oz / 2.1 lb) vs. stock steel rollers at 2.4Kg (83.2 oz / 5.2 lb). Delrin is somewhat similar to lightweight alloys like aluminum. We call it the alloy of plastics because it has good machining properties like aluminum, it is dimensionally stable and verytough. The material is resistant to oils, chemicals, UV light and abrasion

4-way roller fairlead for truck winch  15.00USD/SETS

Universal Full Size Roller Fairlead, Standard 10" bolt pattern. Works with most 6,000 to 16,500 lb. winches with 9" drums. This fairlead can be used with steel wire cable or synthetic winchlines.

4T  block for 2000LI-4500LI winch 3.40USD/SETS
Warn 7,000 Lb. Maximum Capacity Snatch Block. For winch capacities up to Z3500 with 7/32in (5.5 mm) wire rope. Used properly, the multi-purpose snatch block can double the pulling power of any winch, or change your pulling
aluminum hawse fairlead for ATV WINCH,small size 3.90USD/SETS
for ATV WINCH,big size 9.00USD/SETS
The 100 series fairlead is our economical solution for a precision guide for your synthetic winchline. It is uncoated aluminum with zinc coated hardware and locking nuts for durability.
Stainless Steel Flat Head bolts are supplied for added corrosion resistance with stainless
locking nuts.

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