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Dyneema Braid  Rope price list
Manufactured from Dyneema fibres, Dyneema Braid is a light weight rope with extremely high strength and very low stretch characteristics. Dyeema Braid is manufactured with a polyester cover to provide good abrasion resistance. The core coating provides adhesion between core and cover braids to prevent cover bunching at high load points. Dyeema withstands shock loadings and has a tight knot radius. Applications include sheets, halyards, checkstays, downhauls, outhauls, control lines, running backstays, topmast backstays, reefing lines, cunninghams and barberhaulers. Safety note - international standards recommend that safe continuous work loads should be 1/6th of the maximum breakload.
Price list
Min.break burthen  Dyneema rope  Jacket cost
Dia./length Price without jacket whole spool price
2300KGS 4.7mm 1.05USD/M 384.30USD/PC 0.20USD/M
3000KGS 5.5mm 1.25USD/M 457.50USD/PC 0.20USD/M
3500KGS 5.8mm 1.36USD/M 497.76USD/PC 0.20USD/M
5000KGS 7.3mm 2.15USD/M 786.90USD/PC 0.20USD/M
6000KGS 8.0mm 2.68USD/M 980.88USD/PC 0.20USD/M
8500KGS 10.0mm 4.26USD/M 1559.16USD/PC 0.25USD/M
14000KGS 12.0mm 6.05USD/M 2214.30USD/PC 0.25USD/M
18000KGS 14.0mm 8.50USD/M 3111.00USD/PC 0.25USD/M
30000KGS 18.0mm 13.50USD/M 4941.00USD/PC 0.25USD/M
36000KGS 20.0mm 16.60USD/M 6075.60USD/PC 0.25USD/M
1.  Dyneema Braid  rope metal loop cost about USD$0.20/PCS..
2. Spec:  Dia 2mm-dia. & length could according to requirements  we can supply  bigest break burthen about 1000TONS.
3. Fiber: DyneemaSk75 / SK 65 fiber ( produced by DSM, Netherlands)
4. Resin: L-Series resin ( produced by GOVI, Belgium) 
5.Jackets (with color) and packing according to clients requirements.
6. we can supply rope color according to customer's requested.

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