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  Cordless Mouse
( 300M Wireless Series )
300Mbps wireless transmission rate;
3 × 3 MIMO Wireless Technology; SST signal
stabilization technology;
CCA idle channel detection technology;
WPS a key security settings;
IP bandwidth control;
3 × 3MIMO technology, a WAN port, 4 Mbps LAN ports,
support auto-negotiation and port auto-flip;
SST technology, improvement in long-distance and interference environment of large wireless transmission performance;
support for IP bandwidth control, effective control of Internet bandwidth of each computer within a local area network; hardware priority service to ensure that bandwidth-intensive task of priority;
WPS fast and secure setting, assurance and a secure connection between the wireless network card;
supporting PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP and other broadband access methods;
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  Wireless Router
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Model: WR-01
Model: WR-02
Model: WR-03
Model: WR-04
Model: WR-05