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     Induction lamp
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    Products Description
Measuring Lumens
-----What Are "Pupil Lumens"?
LVD Theory Parameters
Energy Comparison
Electrodeless lamp wikipedia
Compared with Fluorescent
Compared with high frequency induction lamp
Compared with HPS HPM MHL
Compared with LED
     comparion wiht traditional lamps
Compared with high frequency induction lamp
Comparison program Low frequency induction lamp High frequency induction lamp
Basic characteristics External core structure,easy for heat dissipation, given the flexibility to select tube size and shape,
with a single magnetic ring and two pairs of
magnetic configuration, the inductor volume.
ore built-in structure is not conducive to heat dissipation, only the bubble-shaped structure with a ball, single-core, a small amount of inductance.
wide power range, variety of tubes 15W——400W Less choice of power range( different factories has different choice)
Avaliable for different power types according to customers'demand(50W、60W、70W、100W、250W, etc). Avaliable for different power types according to customers'demand
Low temperature of tube surface High temperature of bulb-tube surface
Good low temperature start-up performance Poor low temperature start-up performance.
Differences in electrical properties of matching Using a specific IC chip elf-activated core-level exchange of the way MHZ output signal, with the temperature changes the frequency and lamp lamp power will change.
And regulation-specific IC chip technology Relative hard to realise the dimmable technology.
Difference between photometry Round, rectangular structure, the use of special reflectors makes it be used in a variety of applications. Bulb-type structure, type of light emitting points, a general lighting device matching with reflective, reflective design is easier.
Compared with the same power of HID lamps,
it has higher luminous efficiency.
Compared with the same power of low frequency induction lamps, it has poor luminous efficiency.
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